Hand carved wooden sculptures by Paul Kaptein

Australian artist Paul Kaptein carves wood by hand to sculpt incredibly realistic depictions of people and clothing.

Photography: © [Paul Kaptein](http://www.paulkaptein.com/49110/gallery)

Photography: © Paul Kaptein

Amongst all of his sculptures, the 'hoody' or hooded sweatshirt seems to dominate. Retaining its form as though someone is wearing it, the sculpted hood is in fact empty. The empty shroud almost points to a representation of death.

He explains: "My work is broadly concerned with the agency of the present moment. By sampling various cultural and temporal trajectories, I’m exploring the notion of the now as a remix of past and future potentialities. This facilitates a renegotiation of perceptual truths resulting in an expression of things, not quite a truth, yet not quite a fiction."

Interestingly, Kaptein does not paint his sculptures. Rather, he leaves his material to be an integral part of the sculpture, to be considered alongside its content.


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