The After School Project examines Brooklyn's teenagers with no parents around

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

The After School Project is an Instagram-based series by Brooklyn photojournalist Cassandra Giraldo, inspired by her personal obsession with capturing moments of adolescence in New York City.

"Almost three years ago while studying at the ICP, I documented two thirteen-year-old girls (April & Desire) during their last year in junior high in Brooklyn, NY," she explained. "Every week I would go meet the girls after school and follow them around as they loitered in parks, flirted with their latest crushes and meandered to the mall before their moms called them home for curfew.

"Two years later, between hustling from assignment to assignment, I still find myself drawn to these after school kids and their magic hours of freedom. In these fleeting hours after school, teens are no longer in the gaze of their teachers or parents and are unabashedly themselves pretending to be grownups."

You can find out more about Cassandra at and follow the ongoing series on Instagram @afterschoolproject.