Iconic photographs recreated using nothing but Play-Doh

Using only a chopping board, a highball glass as a rolling pin and a blunt IKEA knife, artist Eleanor Macnair loves to take Play-Doh and recreate photographs – taking inspiration from the incredibly iconic to the lesser known imagery of the world.

All images courtesy of Eleanor Macnair

All images courtesy of Eleanor Macnair

The ongoing project – Photographs Rendered in Play-Doh – began on a whim in 2013 and quickly became an internet smash as Macnair shared her plasticine portrayals on social media. Ironically, as her work was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, all over the world, she actually wanted to encourage people to slow down and re-engage with familiar photographs and discover new ones.

She explains: "On the surface, photographs can condense complex ideas and present them in a straightforward visual language. I take this a step further and pare down to almost nothing, just form and colour. They are what they are. Photographs Rendered in Play-Doh. It's my strange tribute to photography."

If you want to discover her work in the flesh, then go visit London's Atlas Gallery from 2 October until 21 November 2015 where she'll be exhibiting her series for the first time. Find out more at www.atlasgallery.com.


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