Teamlab’s intricate digital floral patterns grounded in traditional Japanese art

teamLab, Continuous Life and Death at the Now of Eternity, 2017, digital work, 9 channels, endless © teamLab

A series of algorithms produce a field of seasonal flowers floating over gold leaf backgrounds in teamLab’s immersive digital installation, Continuous Life and Death at the Now of Eternity.

The exhibition at Pace Gallery in Palo Alto follows the success of Borderless, art/tech collective teamLab’s innovative museum that launched in Tokyo earlier this year, featuring their signature immersive, 3-D interactive digital experiences.

Grounded in the ancient traditions of Japanese art, the new screen works showcase teamLab’s use of digital technology, employing computer graphics, sensing, sound, and light. Rather than using pre-recorded animation, their artworks are often rendered digitally in real time, and the actions of viewers cause continuous changes in their appearance and behaviour.

Monitor works in various scales depict an array of beautifully intricate animated floral patterns, embodying the collective's interest in ecology and the environment. New works include Waves of Light, a continuous loop of white waves on a gold background and Reversible Rotation - Continuous, Black in White, in which calligraphic lines roam from screen to screen as three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional surface.

Established in 2001, Tokyo-based teamLab is a collective made up of artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects, using digital technology to explore the relationship between humans and nature.

Continuous Life and Death at the Now of Eternity is on show at Pace Gallery in Palo Alto, California until 13 January.