Artist Diane Dal-pra's soft, atmospheric and pastel-coloured paintings of women

"What I'm looking for is to use an ancestral medium in a classical technique, to talk about today's world," explains Diane Dal-pra, an art director and creative painter based in Paris.

"Women are very present in my work, sometimes in a group. I like to try to make their shapes and their emotions communicate. Then, harmonies of colours guide me during the construction of my images."

A recent discovery on Instagram, Diane's soft, feminine and atmospheric artworks are inspired by Caravaggio and Pontormo, along with more contemporary sources – cinema and photography. However, she'd prefer people to make their own minds up about her paintings: "I believe that an interesting image should be open enough to be interpreted differently by everyone," she says.

After living in Berlin and having worked for a few years as an art director in a design agency, Diane now devotes herself to painting. You can discover more by following her on Instagram.


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