Stunning seascapes by Victor Bauer that take you right back to the beach

The fresh, energising sea air. The taste of salt on my lips. My hair wildly blowing in the breeze and refusing to stay put. Sand beneath my feet. A pleasing warmth. The urge to take a deep breath every five minutes and make noises of deep appreciation, feeling so pleased to be alive.

This, is how any one of us must surely feel when we're confronted with a beach. And when one considers the stunning Seascapes series by New York-based Canadian artist Victor Bauer, all of these satisfying sights, smells and feelings instantly spring to mind. If you're not browsing through Victor's work and already making calculations in your head when you can next take a trip to the seaside, then I'd be very surprised.

Completely self-taught, he's a palette knife painter, working mainly with oils. Speaking of his work, he said: "My earlier works were mostly abstracts and during these years I developed my own style and technique. My fascination with the human figure for its timeless sensitivity reflected in my latest works. In my paintings I try not only just to replicate a scene, but to create the mood and feelings. The goal is to create a work that is striking and simple."

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