Studio Mondas brings joy, life and colour to children's studio Bate Bate Chocolate

Bate Bate Chocolate is a studio that brings quality children's programming to Honduras. It's dedicated to nurturing kids' curiosity while they have fun imagining, creating, and learning.

To help them in its mission, it asked local creative agency Studio Mondas to create a branding system that captured its essence and expressed that essence in a joyful way to captivate children and their parents.

Partner and co-founder of Studio Mondas, David López, explains how they embarked on the project. "We started by listening to the clients, Bate Bate Chocolate's founders," he explains. "In our conversations, we searched for their core purpose. We learned that they wanted to spark the light of curiosity in children. Together, we decided to focus on three words: nurturing, magical and fun.

"We mostly looked at children's books and stories that capture the magic and that get to entertain and educate them. Out of this came the cut-out illustrations. Something simple just as a child would make it. And that open-hearted simplicity is essential to the charm."

The team wanted the identity to be expressive as well. "So we went ahead and used the length of the name and the variety of compositions as the main ingredient. The vivid colour palette adds variety. Lastly, we used the soft and gentle Recoleta to add a nurturing character."


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