Studio Fexien's superb Swiss design gets interactive for new London festival

Anyone in London with an eye for an esoteric and an ear for noise is aware that Cafe Oto is a pretty forward-thinking little gig venue; so it makes sense that the graphic design that promotes it is equally rarefied and bold.

Studio Feixen, which hails from Lausanne in Switzerland, has created a concept rather unlike any we’ve seen before for the venue’s three day Oto Nové Swiss festival, designing an interactive poster that manages to look just as great as a still image as it does when in its moving, digital form. “We were asked to design whatever we think suits this event,” says Studio Feixen. “Since this festival is organized by Swiss cultural institutes but happens in London we thought it doesn’t make sense to advertise it in the streets of London but in the only place we all share. So we decided to design an interactive poster which you can explore, play around with and maybe even compose your own music.”

The posters use a brilliant Yves Klein-esque blue, which appears as variously sized discs on the interactive version. As users hover their cursor over the image, these morph into deliciously gloopy blobs that change colour as they move. To add to the slightly surreal feel of the whole thing, the beguiling sound designed by Jannik Giger also changes with the shapes.

Living up to Swiss design heritage, the type is kept simple and sans serif, rendered in crisp white against a black backdrop.


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