Jesse Lane draws hyperrealistic portraits of people 'After the Storm'

Using an array of coloured pencils and a rare talent that has seen him win numerous awards and global recognition, Houston-based artist Jesse Lane draws the most incredible portraits that take on such an immense hyperrealistic quality they could be mistaken for photographs.

This collection of fine artworks is taken from his series, Anatomy of Light, where he aims to capture "private, intimate emotions that are universal". One such artwork is entitled After the Storm, where his subject is dripping wet, presumably from the rain – something that many of his other drawings feature.

"Through art, I’ve been able to find something inside that changed my life. Growing up, I often felt alone. In school, I was struggling with the challenges of dyslexia. I desperately wanted to find a place in life where I didn’t feel inferior," says Jesse. "For years, I bottled up my feelings. Then I realised they could be a source of inspiration. I began creating images of personal struggle and intimate emotion.

"What was hidden for so long became voiced and heard. For the first time, I felt truly seen. I took my weakness and made it my strength. Along the way, I’ve discovered we all share these feelings. They are universal."

Speaking of his love of coloured pencil, he adds: "When people see my portraits, they’re surprised I work in coloured pencil. I love their precision and versatility. It's a medium that can be as rich and nuanced as any other. One of my goals is to advance coloured pencil in the world of fine art."

Represented by RJD Gallery in New York City, you can discover more of Jesse's amazing work at


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