Studio Crême creates beautifully haunting and futuristic motion designs for Google

When London-based design and motion agency Studio Crême got a commission from Google to create the opening video for its annual Zeitgeist Minds event, it took a futuristic and highly fitting aesthetic approach. The result is a dynamic, brilliantly smooth and hypnotic piece of moving image that fits the client and the 2016 event theme, Great Expectations, perfectly.

“Our response to the brief was to create a world of tomorrow, visualising bold utopian architecture, strange energy infrastructure and intelligent flying machines,” the agency explains.

The video features the voice of the late British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, using recordings made at the 1964 World Fair “when he articulately explained the difficulties of predicting the future whilst offering some of his own visions of tomorrow,” says Studio Crême. The marriage of this haunting spoken word with the superbly eerie and emotive electronic music of Lee Gamble superbly sets off the futuristic and abstracted designs.

ZGM16 FINAL from Studio Crême on Vimeo.


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