Stella Artois ad combines comedy, nudity and stunning cinematography

Sometimes the most straightforward ideas are the best. Stella Artois wanted to promote its new Unfiltered beer with a more natural and authentic taste. And so its new TV ad, created in partnership with Mother London and production company Anonymous Content, shows it being enjoyed by a town of nudists, with the tagline' Beer, au naturel.'

It's not the most original idea and is clearly influenced by the iconic Austin Powers scene, in which a naked Mike Myers' privates are obscured by a series of unlikely props. But the execution is first-rate, with the kind of gorgeous cinematography and inspired direction that would befit a Cannes-winning art film, paired with a gentle, underplayed humour that sells the message effortlessly and successfully. (No surprise, then, that it was directed by photographer and movie director Autumn de Wilde).

It also nicely reimagines Stella's iconic advertising music, taken from the 1986 period drama Jean de Florette, to tie everything together with the rich history and identity of the brand, which began in the Belgian town of Leuven in 1366.

Most importantly, the ad dovetails nicely with the actual product, a golden lager beer that hasn't been filtered, allowing the flavours of hops to win through to the final taste. As Meg Chadwick, senior brand manager at Stella Artois Europe, explains: "Not many people know that beer originally wasn't filtered: we're so excited to be taking it back to its roots with Stella Artois Unfiltered. Our campaign 'Beer, au naturel' speaks to the truth of our naturally unfiltered beer; a lager in its most natural form."

The TV ad is complemented by print and OOH content, shot by photographer Nick Meek. This part of the campaign offers another take on how to live 'au naturel', from dog walks to chess matches. It also included a cover wrap for the free newspaper The Metro, showing two locals simply enjoying a totally natural drink together, and the Metro banner cheekily covering their modesty.


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