Spring bursts to life in Berlin as 30,000 flowers create a beautiful hanging garden

If you happen to be in Germany over the next few weeks, then make sure you visit the Bikini Berlin shopping centre where British artist Rebecca Louise Law is heralding the start of Spring with a stunning hanging garden consisting of over 30,000 colourful flowers.

Famous for her large-format artworks crafted using natural materials like flowers, stones, branches and fruits – her floral installations playfully explore the relationship between humans and nature and have been exhibited around the world at locations including everywhere from New York City's Times Square to London's Covent Garden.

This latest installation at Bikini Berlin is her first ever to be displayed in Germany. The flowers will gradually dry out and develop a special dramaturgy as their appearance and atmosphere change over the course of the exhibition period, which comes to an end on 1 May 2016. Make sure you visit the shopping centre to walk beneath the beautiful blooms.

Via Design Boom | All images courtesy of Bikini Berlin


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