Clever illustration merges with street photography from New York's biggest snowstorm

In their series The Warmest Winter, New York City-based Thai illustrator Gong Kantapon joined forces with roommate and photographer Kanrapee Chokpaiboon to merge their two creative disciplines and craft artworks based on the Big Apple's biggest snowstorm to date.

Armed with his camera, Kanrapee ventured out into the cold and white-covered streets with Gong to capture various snowscapes that Gong could later add quirky characters to, using what was available in each picture as a basis.

Gong explained: "We wanted to share our feelings, our thoughts and what we saw that day. The snowstorm did not scare us at all. We were just happy to be living in the moment, along with everyone else who braved the freezing cold."

Kanrapee added: "We are friends from the same country, we live in the same house, and our ideas are very much alike. So it seemed like a good idea to merge our abilities and see what we could create. We hope people can travel back to that moment with us, when the snow was freezing and the wind was strong, but we were there feeling alive and warm together."

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of the artists


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