Something Here: Shin Noguchi's photographs that emphasise the quirky character of Japan

"People are living life desperately. Sometimes lonely, sometimes helping each other, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing. I capture people going about their daily lives because there are moments that they themselves do not realise are more beautiful and full of a human touch than the carefully choreographed movies of Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Federico Fellini or Shakespeare's plays."

All images courtesy of the artist. Via Creative Boom submission.

All images courtesy of the artist. Via Creative Boom submission.

These are the words of Shin Noguchi, an award-winning street photographer based in Kamakura and Tokyo who describes his focus as an "attempt to capture extraordinary moments of excitement, beauty and humanism" amongst the flow of everyday life in Japan.

In his latest series, Something Here, he captures the rather quirky side of the Japanese, photographing those peculiar but charming moments that might occur when we don't think anyone is watching.

"I want to share these beautiful moments with other people and, at the same time," he adds. "I want them to understand that these extraordinary moments exist in our daily lives and that they can happen anywhere and at anytime. I'm here, just here. You're here, just here. There is something here, something beautiful something special. It may last but a moment, but we are always connected to each other."


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