Snowmageddon: Photographer beautifully captures New York City after record snowfall

If you happened to be in New York City last week, then you would have witnessed a colossal snowstorm that affected more than 80 million people all along the east coast.

All images courtesy of and copyright of [Michele Palazzo](

All images courtesy of and copyright of Michele Palazzo

The second biggest in the Big Apple's history, the blizzard dumped more than 26 inches of the white stuff in less than 24 hours and brought the whole city to a grinding halt.

Street photographer Michele Palazzo is someone who managed to capture the action and has been sharing his amazing shots via his Instagram account @streetfauna ever since.

With every chilling image, you can see the extent of the gusty winds and the snow-filled air, as the frozen droplets of water swirl around in the deserted metropolis, covering the city streets and sidewalks in a seemingly-innocent layer of snow. In this beautiful series of photographs, you would never think this was the city that never sleeps.

If you want to check out more of Palazzo's latest work, visit his portfolio on EyeEm. Or follow him on Instagram where you can see how New York is doing after the blizzard.


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