Out on the Road: Paintings to celebrate our love of the automobile

Described as painting in a style that combines American realism with appropriation art, Jessica Brilli takes us down a long and nostalgic road with her series of automobile-inspired paintings. Paying homage to popular vintage cars, this series follows her usual style that celebrates a different era when smartphones didn't exist and photographs were captured on analogue cameras.

Whether parked on a driveway, baking in the Californian sunshine or cruising down a highway at night – the cadillac cars and original minis paint a picture of a time when we really could be kings and queens of the road.

Based in Quincy, Massachusetts, Brilli has been drawing and painting since childhood. She earned her BFA in painting at the University of Rhode Island, where she studied with acclaimed artists Robert Dilworth, William Klenk, and Barbara Pagh. Her paintings have been purchased by numerous private collectors, and several are displayed at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University where she works as senior graphic designer.

To discover more about her work, visit www.jbrilli.com.


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