Snowless snow globe depicts dystopian Christmas at the hands of climate change

Most of the UK has seen snowfall over the past couple of weeks, but believe it or not, it's been seven years since the last flake fell.

Activists, Plan B, saw this news as an opportunity to get people talking about climate change again, creating the No-Snow Globe to offer a glimpse of a potentially bleak future dependent on the Government's revision of its 2050 carbon target.

The ‘No-Snow Globes’ feature three rather depressing yet picturesque Christmas scenes without a single snowflake when shaken. There’s The No-Snowman, which shows children building a 'snowman' of mud. As well as The No-Snow Angel and The No-Snowball Fight.

The intricate, micro-scenes inside the globes were 3D printed using a state-of-the-art stereolithographic printer, before being painted by hand.

The campaign, which was devised for the charity for free by advertising agency, Martin London, has a unique hashtag #NoSnowGlobe and dedicated site inviting people to sign Plan B’s petition urging the Government to revise the 2050 carbon target before it’s too late.

“Not everyone wants to discuss the apocalypse at Christmas time! So this campaign has been designed as a playful and accessible way to get people talking about climate change over the festive season. We’re using it a bit like a Trojan Horse - smuggling in a dose of reality about the urgency of the situation - without putting people off their Brussel sprouts.” Tim Crosland, Plan B.

All images courtesy of Plan B & Martin London


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