[non]fictions: Phil Sharp's moving portraits that show six degrees of separation

All images courtesy of the artist. Via Creative Boom submission.

Do you know that theory on how we're all supposedly six or fewer steps away from each other? Six degrees of separation? The idea that there's a chain of a friend of a friend.

It was established by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929 and now forms the inspiration behind this beautiful portrait series by London photographer Phil Sharp.

Entitled non:fictions, the shots were taken around the capital, capturing a moment in each characters’ journey. The series is intended to be viewed in sequence, with each subject connected to the ones before and after in some way. "It’s a reminder that our behaviour affects people outside of our immediate circle," explains Phil.

"It started off with me wanting to find a way to combine landscapes and portraiture, I liked the idea of taking an interesting landscape, or topographic photograph, and seeing how the addition of a figure changed the way the viewer connected with it."

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