Snask helps Klarna to communicate its 'smooth' banking offer with off-the-wall film and photography

When Stockholm studio Snask was approached by Klarna, one of Europe’s biggest banks, to help communicate how its revolutionary payment solutions make life easier for its customers, it set out to create seven "never-seen-before" worlds.

Worlds that would help define Klarna's recent rebrand as well as its uniquely "smoooth" banking systems. Under Snask's creative direction, an all-star team was brought together – including Sing-Sing for set design and Diktator for production – to develop a series of off-the-wall films and lifestyle photography.

Each set was meticulously crafted and custom-built by hand. "Whatever dream you’re marching towards, Klarna clears the path for a 'smoooth' journey," says Snask. "Whether your dream is slow skating on a treadmill or playing a game of 8 Ball on a pink fur-lined pool table, Klarna sets it in motion. Everyone loves magic, so we and Sing-Sing simply brought Klarna’s virtuosity to life. How? Through good ol’ fashion wizardry and the art of performing supernatural design feats."


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