Dan Mather's fluorescent screenprinted posters explore moiré pattern and overprint

This month, Dan Mather is hand screenprinting 1,440 unique posters, exploring moiré pattern and overprint in satisfying fluorescent hues.

As part of a campaign by Fedrigoni, the graphic designer will be in the paper manufacturer's London studio hand screenprinting posters to Sirio Nude. And if you register for the event, you'll be able to screenprint your own unique Fedrigoni Plus poster with Dan.

Entitled Interference2, the event is a screenprinted exploration of moiré and overprint. "Each of the 1,440 hand- printed sheets is unique, allowing the process to become the form. Manually rotating and shifting each sheet of paper on the press through two passes of colour, brings the design together in a serendipitous arrangement of a fluorescent pattern," explain the event organisers.

"The results from this process allow combinations of pattern and colour to dance with each other like meshes on a silkscreen. This piece pushes the boundaries of how flat-bed screenprinting can be used as a creative process."

Interference2 with Dan Mather takes place at Fedrigoni's London studio between 24-28 June 2019. To find out more about Dan, visit danmatherscreenprint.co.uk.


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