'Smell No Evil' this Halloween with an S.O.S home fragrance concept by JDO

London creative agency JDO has created a concept for a brand that "promises to save our souls and our sense of smell" this Halloween. Called S.O.S, the quirky home fragrance is designed to clear the air and diffuse the problem of "smelly teenage bedrooms", helping to keep homes fresh and inviting this October.

Packaging for S.O.S features a fresh, poppy colour and that hand-drawn illustration style we've seen a million times in the home fragrance category. Look again, however, and among the blossoms, you'll spot malodorous culprits like leftover pizza, muddy trainers and filthy underpants. The logo, meanwhile, centres around praying hands resonating with parents at their wit's end, willing to let the room be a mess as long as the foul fumes stop reeking out.

The bottles for the fragrance itself are sleek with a dark glass that has a bold, colourful imprint of the logo. But here, the praying hands have become raised hands, appealing to the teen that is now celebrating that their room can remain a disaster area as long as they stop the stench with a dash of S.O.S. On top of the diffuser is a little monkey figurine, clutching the reeds with his paw over his nose. This décor element infuses the brand with a bit more fun as it conveys its "smell no evil" message.

Just like the packaging, marketing communications for S.O.S are bold and modern with a sense of humour that hopes to appeal to both parents and teenagers. Wordplay in taglines like 'His/Her attitude might stink but his/her room doesn’t have to', cleverly speak to parents, while stickers and clothes fresheners bring in a playfulness that teens can buy into.

Sadly, this isn't something you can buy in the shops, as it's merely a fun, yearly project for JDO to flex its creative muscles. "Everyone really looks forward to our annual Halloween concept, but we wanted to do something different this year by creating a concept that addresses real needs and true fears," says Fiona Florence, managing director at JDO. "Because what's really haunting our homes are not ghosts and goblins, but the dreadful smell of our teenagers' rooms and the desperate knowledge that it will never end. That's where S.O.S comes in – functional household products that parents need with a cool lifestyle brand that teenagers love."


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