David Sedgwick creates new branding for ‘no egos, no jargon’ collective, Sisterhood

Designer David Sedgwick has created a new identity for Sisterhood in Manchester, a "small collective of marketing professionals bringing large agency experience to independent businesses", in the words of founder Sian Walker.

Walker had worked in large ad agencies and design studios for 15 years, and decided she wanted to "create a service that offers professional marketing support to smaller independent businesses in a way that is relevant to them, result driven and making people’s life easier in the process," she says.

"No egos, no complex jargon – just dedicated, nice people who believe in the possibility of better." Among the services, Sisterhood offers are social media management, content creation, website management, digital advertising, event planning and management, strategy and consulting and internal marketing.

Sedgwick, who had known Walker for a while, was brought in thanks to his "simple… yet thoughtful" design portfolio. He presented a few initial deals with various type choices and investigations into the letter 'S'. "Essentially I wanted to create a symbol and brand that represented the notions of working together," says Sedgwick. "Sisterhood is all about creating relationships whether that be between the agency and a client, or working internally as a collective."

The designer was keen the branding didn’t appear 'too feminine', so decided on a simple black and white monochromatic colour palette "to give it a contemporary yet confident appeal". The addition of a pinkish tone to the colour scheme is used as a highlight colour.

"It's always nice to create a logo out of the name of the company," says Sedgwick. "This allows really easy use of the branding and a less is more approach.

"Sian allowed me to create something that I am really happy with. She understands the process and knew that too much input would maybe dilute the overall design so she was keen to let the creative just get on with as much as possible."


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