Anna Karenina's eerie, Lynch-obsessed portrayals of girlhood

Anna Karenina (not to be confused with the Tolstoy novel) is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Her work is strange and disquieting, often taking female figures as her subject matter and placing them in scenes that are a mixture of Surrealism, Grimm Fairy Tales and the work of David Lynch.

Her Lynch-love has manifested in a poster tribute to the director’s seminal 1977 body horror film Eraserhead, which borrows from the film’s eerie black and white aesthetic and Lynch’s own approach to warped, almost abstract photographic collaging.

Her sensitive, whirling typographic interrogations quote from probably the film’s most iconic scene, the Lady in the Radiator song: “In heaven, everything is fine…"

Karenina is self-taught, working mostly in Illustrator and Photoshop.


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