This Is Me and the Ghost of You: Sergio Membrillas creates children's book for adults

Sergio Membrillas has created a story with the aesthetics of a children’s book. Not only is it beautiful to look at but it conveys poignant ideas from dealing with absence to feeling melancholy. As such, a book for youngsters this most certainly is not.

He explains: "I like the idea of a grown up staring at a book that looks like it's for children, but that has a lot of intense meaning.

"I did it while I was reading a lot of Alt-Lit, and poetry, essentially: Noah Cicero and Tao Lin. So the story is sweet but also a bit tough. A sweet and sour story in the end. A classical mid-thirties story, I would say.

"Personally, I was having a rough time, and I used this story as a catharsis – it worked."

Sergio has produced 100 copies of the A5 publication, which has 32 pages. Discover more and buy the book here.

All images by Laura Leal