Samuel Chen's unbelievable digital illustrations that look as though they're hand-drawn

Describing himself as a "struggling self-taught illustrator", Samuel Chen ditched an office job two years ago to follow his dreams and enjoy a more creative career. "Although the job was promising, I was never happy about it," explains Samuel. "It's the love for drawing and creation, and the idea of living a free life, that drove me to pursue a career in illustration."

Specialising in editorial, his soft and brush-stroked illustrations are, unbelievably, fully digital: "I like having an all-digital workflow because you can play with the tools and experiment a bit at every stage, sometimes it would surprise you. I use a lot of curves in my work and it kind of becomes my thing; there's so much fun drawing curves and I can’t stop it. I also like retro textures and vibrant colours."

Based in Guangzhou, China, Samuel works with various clients including advertising agencies, magazines and publishers. Discover more of his lovely work on Behance.