Geometric Surrealism: JT Thompson's labyrinth style paintings

JT Thompson works in a style he likes to call Geometric Surrealism. "I abstract and manipulate physical spaces to create a highly distorted vision of reality," explains the Columbus-based artist. "My work is a metaphoric exploration of the individual’s process of composing an understanding of the world, as influenced by the subconscious workings of the psyche.

"I'm inspired by the tension between certain dualities: the conscious and subconscious, light and dark. As an abstract artist, I am philosophically interested in the subjectivity of the mind, and its capacity for skewing perspectives of external events or the physical world."

His approach to exploring psychological concepts is highly abstracted and every painting begins with metaphors relating to architecture – rooms, staircases, hallways: "These spaces are stretched and contorted, almost to the point of becoming paradox illusions, to twist spaces that should be readily familiar into places that are fragmented and uncertain."

Trained as a painter at the Columbus College of Art and Design, JT Thompson's work can be found in the collections of the Columbus Museum of Art, the Downtown Hilton, Northern Kentucky University, Greater Columbus Convention Center and private collectors. Discover more at


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