Photographer Chris Holmes plays with light and shadow to create stunning imagery of London

"The concept of photography is what I find the most interesting. The simple idea that we have the opportunity to capture a scene, a movement or a colour, an everyday image that's unique to the individual who sees it." These are the words of Chris Holmes, a London-based photographer who loves nothing more than to traipse around the capital with just his music and camera.

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the photographer

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the photographer

Being active at dusk, dawn and night, he opts to play with light and shadow, as "the contrast that the sun can bring to a composition can add real drama".

Amazingly, photography is only a hobby for Chris. Completely self-taught and armed with no technical know-how, he doesn't even believe you need a DSLR to get the right shot. "There's always so much to learn and as I see it, photography is most definitely a journey, not exclusively behind the camera but also in front of a computer screen. I like to treat photographs as a base on which to add further creativity, an art to learn within itself with still so much more to grasp."

Chris would actually like to turn his photography into a career: "I've been fortunate enough to receive some freelance work whilst I make my way through the busy corporate world. My day job doesn't lend itself to artistic creativity so some time with my camera is a solid output and if there's an invoice at the end, even better! Who knows, one day it might become stable enough that I can follow my passion, until that day I'm happy having the best of both worlds."

Until then, you can follow his work on Instagram @brxtn_pistol.


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