Samantha Pierpoint's enchanting paper hotel for the Wall Street Journal

This beautiful editorial piece was recently crafted by illustrator and paper artist Sam Pierpoint for the Wall Street Journal to supplement an article about a members-only pop-up hotel.

With photography and retouching by Michael Foyle, it's a stunning paper artwork that seemingly pops up from the pages of a magical book, thus hinting at the topic in question.

With delicate touches such as warmly lit lanterns and beautiful shuttered windows, it's a touching homage to Thierry Teyssier's plan for 700,000 Hours, a members-only pop-up-hotel experience that will move every six months to destinations as diverse as Japan and Jamaica. And, according to the WSJ, it's set to launch next September in Salento, taking over a historic palazzo. It certainly doesn't come cheap. To join the club, the entrance fee starts from $2,900 per person. Once you've got over that hefty sum, check out more of Sam's work at


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