Blok Design brews up a new identity for ModRec to celebrate the culture of coffee

ModRec is not just a purveyor of coffee beans from some of the world’s best small-batch roasters, but a singular portal into a world where realness, spontaneity and individualism reign supreme over artifice, pretense and mass culture. That's certainly according to Toronto's Blok Design who recently created ModRec's new identity.

"Beginning with the bold wordmark, the identity serves as a window into this unique philosophy of living," explains Blok. "Photography mirrors the attitude of a brand that doesn’t tolerate BS, while language, colour and pattern unite to evoke the off-beat journey of discovery that awaits subscribers."

We especially love the cool and calming colour palette with the simple illustrations of classic coffee percolators and cafetieres – a clear celebration of the heritage of the world's most popular drink to please coffee lovers everywhere.


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