Rich and colourful Mexican inspired paintings that disrupt beauty stereotypes by Ana Leovy

Inspired by fauvist expressionism and playing with the "deformation of reality", Ana Leovy's colourful paintings explore the simplicity of everyday actions, fashion and culture.

Working with acrylics, gouache and watercolour, the Mexican artist also uses a radical technique called "blind contour drawing" – which means you never take your eyes off the subject you're painting, not even to check what you're doing on paper.

With this approach, Ana's painted characters are far from perfect. In fact, most are warped, taking on curved limbs and features throughout. "I play with the disruption of the human form to reveal my view on both internal and external beauty," she explains.

Passionate about celebrating women and diversity through her work, Ana also likes to weave stories through shapes and colours: "My art intends to represent strong, confident women living in vibrant worlds which are often a fusion between real life and my imagination."

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