Common Good helps Renzo Vitamins become a household name with charming ads

It's a dilemma many parents face: do they try to force their child to take medicine or take the easy route and give them a sugary, candy-like gummy they know they will happily eat? Luckily there's a middle ground in the shape of Renzo Vitamins, whose unicorn-like nature is the focus of new animated ads.

If you're unaware of the miraculous balance struck by Renzo Vitamins, then you're the target audience of the new campaign created by advertising and design agency Common Good. Launched in 2017 and sold directly to customers through Amazon, Renzo vitamins were developed by pharmaceutical scientist Dr Jose Rocca, whose son Renzo was born with a special condition requiring care and multiple surgeries throughout his life.

Due to his condition, Renzo has needed to take a strict regimen of wholesome vitamins ahead of his operations. However, Dr Jose soon discovered that standard kids' vitamins didn't quite cut it, so he got to work on formulating a special alternative. The result is Renzo's®, a 'melty tab' vitamin/gummy alternative that both kids and parents can feel good about.

To help Renzo's break out of its niche audience, expand into new channels and become a brand name in the world of kids' vitamins, the company collaborated with Common Good to highlight its unique position as the best of both worlds. Pitched as the "unicorn of vitamins" due to its magical ability to tick all the boxes, the new campaign runs with this idea in a series of storybook-themed adverts.

"I'm so happy to see the brand that bears my son's name reach more and more customers through this campaign," said Dr Jose Rocca, PhD, founder and dad to Renzo. "We have a big mission to help as many kids and families as possible, which has been a big step in continuing our work."

The 15 and 30-second spots are the first true advertising campaign for Renzo's, and in them, they cleverly tell parents that their mythical journey has ended and that their search for an all-around vitamin is over. Thanks to being made with wholesome, clean ingredients containing no sugar or GMO junk, Renzo's vitamins give them peace of mind and help keep their children healthy.

Accompanying the adverts are suitably adorable spots, digital banners, social carousels and stories, as well as partnerships that include display, e-blasts, and Hulu video ads. These continue the fairytale theme as we see cartoon graphics of gummies transform into Renzo's and magical cauldrons stirring together all of the goodness inside them.

"Renzo's Vitamins are a slam dunk for parents looking to perfectly nourish their kids but acknowledge the need to make compromises when it comes to vitamins," said Lyda Zatarain, Renzo's brand manager. "Our Melty Tabs show we're a brand that truly checks off all the boxes and makes both kids and parents happy."

Andy Dutlinger, creative director at Common Good, added: "We've been excited to work on this brand because many of us are parents and know the gummy-vitamin dilemma well. We've all bought expensive vitamins that our kids hated and settled on something sugary and questionable because we knew they'd take them.

"So, it was really fun to test the product with our own personal focus groups (our kids and our friends' kids)—and the results spoke for themselves. Every single kid loved the taste and the Melty Tab experience. And every parent loved what was in them. We couldn't believe how happy everyone seemed, and it gave us great confidence that we were onto a strong position and creative direction for the work."