Reimagining iconic album designs as the objects they reference

Some may delight in them, some may see them as sacrilege: either way, graphic designer Alessio Bichi's Packed Music project sure looks like it was a lot of fun.

A lifelong music lover, Bichi decided to reimagine some of the albums that have been most significant to him as objects. Many of these are a reference to the original design; while others take wider-reaching flights of fancy: "I don't think Aphex Twin would ever want to make his own line of dishes," as the designer puts it.

Working with Photoshop, Illustrator and "images taken from Google", Bichi says that the project was about "trying to connect the concept of the album with an object that can make it something you can find in everyday life".

For the Bjork image, for instance – the designer's "absolute favourite artist" – her 1995 album Post has been reworked as a "letter sent from London...on the cover, her dress really reminds me of a postcard," says Bichi.

He adds: "I have always been passionate about music and also about what is around the image that a type of music wants to convey. I like it when musicians create a world around their songs and that the world can very well be seen as an object, a gadget or a product. I also like to combine the slightly trashy side of merchandising with albums and artists that are very far from this kind of world."

Bichi has worked as a graphic designer for the past decade, starting out in advertising agencies. For the past three years, he's been working as a senior graphic designer and production specialist for a fashion and design e-commerce platform in Milan.


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