Figurative abstract paintings by Denise Hermo that explore how we adapt to change

This gorgeous, colourful series of paintings by Denise Hermo reflect on our process of "becoming" and how we constantly change as people.

"We move," says Denise of her artworks. "While we redefine our thoughts and swing with our emotions, our body cells regenerate, and we are not the same as we were yesterday. Like everything else, we come to join this spontaneous flow of existence. We make connections and try to give sense to the complexity around us, each from a unique perspective."

On show at the Miscelanea gallery in Barcelona, each figurative painting in Personal Abstractions adopts bright colours and bold shapes to create abstract characters with identities "yet to be explored".

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Denise Hermo now lives and works in Brussels. Her move to Belgium in 2014 inspired her latest works. "The adjustment to my new culture made me reflect on the flexibility that we are capable of, transforming and simply adapting ourselves to new environments. Overall and on a daily basis, we regenerate our cells, reinterpret our thoughts, we let our emotions arise and drift away. And so my work explores what’s going on underneath all circumstances."


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