Rainbow ice cream cone artwork celebrates Taiwan's landmark ruling on same-sex marriage

Earlier this month, Taiwan's top judges ruled in favour of gay marriage, paving the way for the country to become the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex unions. In celebration of this cultural shift, artist and designer Alexandra Plesner has created Series 1 (Culturescape) – a rainbow coloured ice cream cone artwork, reflecting the set of beliefs, practices and ideas that program us to see and function in the world.

"I was particularly inspired by Taiwan’s current landmark judgment, with the constitutional court ruling for allowing same-sex marriage, a beautiful example that reflects how attitudes can change and settings can be re-defined," explains Alexandra.

Her installation consists of 10 x 18 ice cream cones, mounted on a white board. Each cone is hand painted with acrylic paint in all the colours of the rainbow, except for one which is gold – "it is the one that got away".

The artwork is also featured on I Scream Factory, a blog created by Alexandra in 2010 to showcase ice cream-inspired work across fashion, photography, film and fine art.

Alexandra says: "The collective aims to inspire the audience to be mindful and present in the moment. Ice cream, a fast-melting delicacy, embodies various dimensions of life itself. Delicate yet cold, and of ephemeral pleasure... and those who eat it, know it."

All images courtesy of Alexandra Plesner | Photography by Nadine Kirchner


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