Ragged Edge turns Homa into a data-fuelled wonderland

Ragged Edge has rebranded Homa, a Paris-based gaming technology lab, boosting the brand's equity among independent game developers and gamers who love the lab's games.

Founded in 2018 by Daniel Nathan and Olivier Le Bas, Homa is a gaming technology lab that gives game creators the data-driven tools and human expertise needed to turn their creative ideas into commercial hits – their top games include Sky Roller, Z Defense, and Cube Blast journey. The company aims to revolutionise mobile gaming, giving independent developers the firepower to take on the incumbents and win.

With 200 people from 34 countries, 1 billion downloads of their games, and $165m in funding, Homa approached Ragged Edge at an inflexion point in their quest to redefine the gaming industry.

To unlock the next phase of their journey, Homa needed to position itself as an ally for independent game developers. To build a talent brand that would attract the world's best engineers. And to transform millions of gamers from fans of Homa's games to fans of Homa itself. That meant re-engineering the brand from the inside out.

For Daniel Nathan, co-founder and CEO of Homa, the rebrand was "crucial for the next phase of our mission, as we look to democratise the industry. We knew we had to be bold, and Ragged Edge has done something truly amazing."

The new rebrand by Ragged Edge frames Homa as a precision-tooled gaming lab and the team as its elite technicians. Max Ottignon, a co-founder of Ragged Edge, said: "By elevating the development process to its rightful position as a high-performance, high octane and high-skill profession, we showed that Homa gets game makers."

To create the identity, Ragged Edge imagined Homa as a cheat code that allows developers to game the system. Ottington described the new brand as "a data-fuelled wonderland, where a precision-built logo and graphic system frame a series of surreal landscapes that allow the Homa characters to roam." The balance of futuristic photography and graphics with a bright and electric primary pink colour palette deftly bridges the gap between techy and creative. It's a hyper-imaginative world where creativity is everywhere, fuelled by Homa's precision-led data.

But what exactly does it mean to create a data-fuelled brand identity? Luke Woodhouse, Creative Director at Ragged Edge, broke it down, telling Creative Boom that the team used Homa's innovation as a road map: "Homa use data to power creativity. When you enter their lab, you can access all the metrics, insights and intelligence you need to inform your ideas and maximise your chances of success.

"Their powerful algorithms analyse the market to predict trends, suggest performance-enhancing adjustments to your creations and generate otherwise unexpected results. So to create the visual identity, we imagined what would happen if we charged the Homa lab with the task of creating a unique logo fuelled by data, algorithms and machine learning."

Complementing the playful and highly clever visual landscape is a tone of voice that embodies an 'intelligent attitude.' Homa's verbal brand channels the laser focus you'd expect of technical expertise with the quick wit and imagination of creative genius.

The identity is a framework for Homa's ever-expanding SDK, characters, and the games themselves, realised across an ever-growing range of technologies, from mobile to web3. The new Homa brand has rolled out across various touchpoints, including homagames.com.


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