Jeremy Booth creates giant mural in Louisville for Rabbit Hole to celebrate the local creative community

American artist Jeremy Booth has created a giant, colourful mural to celebrate the local creative community in the NuLu neighbourhood of Louisville, Kentucky.

Both modern and minimalist with hints of mid-century design, the artwork is on a huge wall in East Market Street and was commissioned by Rabbit Hole, a local spirits brand and craft distillery that is striving to champion the city's creative industries.

"It's truly an honour to be involved in creating an enduring tribute to the vibrancy of NuLu," Jeremy told Creative Boom. "I live here, and I'm anchored here because of the people and the fantastic community. I wanted to create artwork that truly represents the neighbourhood, the businesses that are here and the people that inspire me and together...I couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out."

Jeremy worked collaboratively with Rabbit Hole to come up with the bold and colourful design, which is one of many murals by local artists at the distillery. Often Seen Rarely Spoken helped to paint the mural.

The mural features his renowned love of light and shadow with a dose of "Vector Noir" to boot. Watch the video below to see it all come together and discover more of the process involved. Or visit


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