The female orgasms that took over Times Square

With last weekend seeing the celebration of International Women's Day (8 March), sex toy brand Tracy's Dog wanted to do something a little bit special.

The company reckons there's still a lot of work to be done when it comes to "making women comfortable with their orgasms", in a climate where many women's sexual health and wellness products' ads are quietly "banned" on social media, New York's Subway or even in the Consumer Electronics Show (last year, a sex toy aimed at women was awarded, then denied its "honoree" designation in the robotics and drones category).

Looking to celebrate the female orgasm in a way that was loud, proud and very big indeed, Tracy's Dog decided that the best place for its campaign was a massive billboard in Time's Square, giving sex products for women "the same 'prime-time' as men's equivalent products", as the brand puts it.

Tracy's Dog took over the screen in Times Square for the entire month of February, showing images kissing couples from around the world submitted by the products' fans, along with fragments from their toy's reviews that went viral online.

The brand says that the campaign was "an ode to women's vaginas, and their overall wellness (which includes orgasms…as much as some would like to ignore it)." It adds, "the majority of media and entertainment depicts women having orgasms left and right, which either sends women in questioning their bodies, faking climax or having too much pressure, adding to all the plethora of already existing life stress.

"When men face erection problems, they can find the solutions staring right at them, with ads in visible public spaces, while solutions and products that can help women with their own challenge are banned, or altogether forbidden... This is why, getting to the centre of the world, and getting "prime time" in Time Square, for a sure-fire product that will make women stop thinking why everyone is having mind-blowing orgasms, except them, and wonder when it will happen to them, is the primary goal."


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