Polaroid partners with Ridley Scott for a campaign that captures the mood of the world

With so many of us appreciating those "small moments" more than ever before, Polaroid 's latest campaign couldn't be more timely. Created in collaboration with Ridley Scott Creative Group, the spot celebrates our authentic human experiences and the magic of capturing them on a real-life, physical Polaroid photo.

It's part of a series of films called Forever Now that make up the next chapter in its brand story – hoping to pick up on that recent mutual realisation that we have to appreciate what we have here and now. But also the more tangible aspects of our lives, away from social media and anything digital. "It's the magic of capturing those simple moments and making them meaningful," says Polaroid. "With the world slowly reemerging, the values in this film have only crystallised, making it even more important to celebrate our human connections."

With production through RSA Films Amsterdam and direction by John Filipe, the film asks what it takes to capture this moment, drawing a parallel between human chemistry and the Polaroid film chemistry that occurs after each shot – essentially, the "magic that happens at the intersection of art and science".

"As the world continues to change around us, we're still drawn to the experiences that make us human. It's in our DNA," says Oskar Smolokowski, CEO of Polaroid. "The extremely complex chemistry in our factories all leads to the simplicity of a photo magically developing in the palm of our hands. Celebrating these two worlds of real and human chemistry is what we sought out to do with this film, and we love the result."

© Polaroid and Ridley Scott Creative Group

© Polaroid and Ridley Scott Creative Group


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