Paintings come to life and take a modern twist for Parc Broekhuizen's new identity

Parc Broekhuizen is a new hotel and restaurant in the grounds of an authentic country estate in the Netherlands. It has had various functions and residents over the years, including once being home to wealthy merchant Cornelis Jan van Nellesteyn, who died there in 1832.

For its positioning and brand identity, Amsterdam-based creative agency Fitzroy was appointed – and they immediately took inspiration from original pieces of art found hanging in the elegant interior.

"The buildings on the estate have a historical feel, but all this grandeur can be intimidating too," said Jur Baart of Fitzroy. "So we wanted a more light-hearted approach to communication in order for Parc Broekhuizen to broaden its appeal to include a younger crowd. Not by going crazy, but by turning historical elements into something hysterical.

"The estate houses five impressive works of art painted by Willem Joseph Laguy in the 1780s. These paintings, which depict Voltaire’s tragedies, now form the basis for all Parc Broekhuizen communication."

A number of leading figures from the aforementioned artworks now play leading roles in Parc Broekhuizen’s communication. They find themselves placed in new settings and have been given a social upgrade with a dose of online humour. These new “pieces of art” can be found throughout the estate including on menus, beermats, memo pads, as gifs, but also as part of the buildings’ –designed by interior architect Judith van Mourik. Canandian gif-artist James Kerr was invited by Fitzroy to help with the creation of these hysterical situations.

Make sure you watch the video below to see the whole concept come to life, and visit the hotel's website, which Fitzroy also designed, at

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