New photographs by Nikola Olic that celebrate the abstract beauty of architecture

In his ongoing body of work, Texas-based Serbian-born photographer Nikola Olic picks out the interesting shapes, patterns and symmetry of architecture, creating abstract fine art photographs that reveal the hidden beauty of our cities.

Featured previously, his latest abstract shots reimagine their subjects in playful, dimensionless and disorienting ways.

Nikola explains: "Every photograph in this collection comes with a story, a brief commentary about the structure being photographed, its name, and the location where it was taken. This in turn offers a quick return to the real world in which the structure exists, of cars, noise, buildings and people, and is intended as a demystifying tool, reminding us that these structures, beautiful or otherwise, are among us on every corner, in cities we visit or cities where we live.

"This photographic opportunity can be transformed permanently both into what we see in the structure, and whatever at that street intersection and in that city and on that day we find in ourselves."

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of Nikola Olic


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