Oswin Tickler's typographic journal explores shifting thoughts, feelings and responses to Covid-19

We're all finding different ways to cope with the ongoing crisis, many of us are doing so creatively. For art director and designer Oswin Tickler, he's found comfort in the discipline of a daily graphic journal, exploring the shifting thoughts, feelings and responses to Covid-19 and social distancing in 2020.

Not just from social or personal perspectives, the 'Sketchbox: Covid-19' is somewhat political, too, with words and messages in beautiful typography using an approach that Oswin originally explored in 2019 when travelling across France by train. "The paper and materials had to fit into two small C5 boxes due to travel needs," Oswin tells Creative Boom. "While obviously no travelling is happening at the moment, the limitations imposed on the format helps to make it manageable as a daily discipline, alongside my teaching and design practice."

Oswin, who is also an associate lecturer at the University of the Arts London, uses offcuts of paper samples and makes good use of his collection of stencils along with any other materials he has to hand. The artwork is produced daily and published on Instagram. You can also enjoy watching a process video below, showing Oswin making one of his 'Sketchbox' pieces.


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