Nostalgic photographs that capture Hong Kong in its prime in the 1970s and '80s

All images courtesy of the artist and Blue Lotus Gallery. Via Creative Boom submission.

The Way We Were is a photographic journey down memory lane through the vast collection of work by the iconic Keith Macgregor that throws you back to Hong Kong during its prime: namely the 1970s and '80s.

The exhibition, at Blue Lotus Gallery in Hong Kong, bursts with nostalgic street scenes steeped in colonial and local culture, city panoramas and images of life on the sea in full colour and black and white.

Importantly, this also marks the first show featuring a selection of Macgregor’s latest series titled Neon Fantasies – a passion project where the artist imagines a reverse reality where the city multiplies in illuminated neon signs.

Photographed street scenes are digitally collaged with photographs of the greatest, now mostly lost neon signs creating Blade Runner-esque images that are simultaneously historical and futuristic.

In fact, Macgregor’s own life story exemplifies the era in question, full of playful ambition, entrepreneurial spirit, chance encounters and good old hard work. The Way We Were expresses a city abound in colour, diversity and optimism, a documentation and flashback to a time where the "Hong Kong Dream" was forged and people went "all in" on the game of life.

Keith Macgregor: The Way We Were runs from 3–18 November 2018 at the Blue Lotus Gallery in Hong Kong. More at: