Searing street photographs taken during the financial crisis cast a critical eye over the City of London

All images courtesy of the artist and Hoxton Mini Press. Via Creative Boom submission.

Published to mark the 10th anniversary of the 2008 global financial crash, The Crash is a new book containing street photographs of city workers in London that studies one of the most crucial locations for the world economy.

Documenting the crash and its aftermath, photographer Stephen McLaren worked quickly and quietly, capturing these surreal and tense times with a critical and satirical eye.

The series is split into four chapters, each telling the story as it unfolds. From "The City in Meltdown" where we see the news hit the streets and the panic that inevitably followed to "Death in the City: Suicides" – the sad end to some city workers.

Stephen McLaren is a photographer, writer and curator specialising in documentary photography. He co-wrote the best-selling Thames & Hudson book Street Photography Now, among other titles. Born in Scotland and now based in Los Angeles, McLaren has exhibited his own work numerous times in the UK and has curated exhibitions in LA and San Francisco.

The Crash is published by Hoxton Mini Press. Priced at £14.95. Discover more at Or visit Stephen McLaren's website: