New works by Malika Favre that drip with sensuality and sophistication

We've long been a fan of Malika Favre and her bold, distinctive style. Dripping with sensuality and sophistication, her minimalist illustrations play with negative space and bright colour, and often enjoy the odd dash of naughtiness.

This appealing cheekiness continues with her latest works for none other than The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and Stylist. With fictional chic characters always donning a classic French red lipstick, and timeless fashion that makes us all want to drop everything, move to Paris and live a glamorous life – it's no wonder some of the world's biggest fashion magazines and media are snapping her up.

We especially love her recent collaboration with Strut and Fibre for its launch, where she crafted a simple business card that depicts a painfully stylish woman emerging from the shadows. And the cover illustration for the New Yorker Style issue wasn't so bad either.

If you love her work as much as we do, then discover more at or follow her on Instagram @malikafavre. Even better, you can purchase her illustrations via Outline Editions, including many of the artworks featured here.

All images courtesy of Malika Favre


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