Beautiful illustrations by Milica Golubovic that explore the complexity of humans

These gorgeous illustrations that blend playful textures, pastel colours and dreamy atmospheres are a part of an ongoing series by Milica Golubovic where she tries to explore our relationship with ourselves, the environment, and to what's left behind and what lies ahead.

She explains: "I am interested in honesty, not only with the world outside, but with ourselves as well. I try to examine where the boundary between outside and inside lies, and where the crossing point at which these realities blend into each other is. Can we really step outside ourselves, break through the barrier of our skin, and exist in the world seeing things as pure and simple as they are in their core? These works are about a human who is determined to go as far as they can, only to find a way back to themselves."

Milica comes from a small old town on the Adriatic cost. She is a visual artist and illustrator based in Belgrade. Visually, she is inspired by nature, sea, and dreams; indirectly by moving images, literature, and talks. In her personal work, by applying a poetic and often metaphorical language, she aims to create compositions or settings that often generate tranquil poetic images. Discover more at

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