Sunset colours inspire a new identity for a beloved seaside theatre in the Netherlands

Arguably, nothing is more spectacular than watching the sun sink below the horizon from a pretty beach. It's this scene that sparked the fresh identity for the Theatre De Muze, a beloved cultural icon nestled close to the sea in The Netherlands.

The team at JUST is behind the brand overhaul for the popular venue in Noordwijk, known for its blend of live performances and cinema. The Hague-based design studio drew inspiration from breathtaking sunsets along the nearby beach just two streets away to form the basis of the new identity. "The incredible location next to the sea is what sets it apart," explains Merijn Straathof, co-founder and creative partner at JUST. "The theatre experience here is not just about the shows; it's about combining artistic excellence with the beauty of the setting sun."

So, how do you capture all the pink, red, purple and golden hues of a perfect sunset? JUST went abstract with its design with a palette that reflects the "shifting colours and emotions of the twilight hours". As such, the identity takes on a warm and enchanting feel, mimicking the theatre's reputation while celebrating the unique charm of Noordwijk's beachfront as the sun dips below the horizon.

The rest of the identity is minimalist and unfussy, with clean typography leading the way. Theatre tickets feature little snippets from the plays or films on show – 'Hasta la vista, baby' and 'I'm the king of the world!' help to add character and fun to what could otherwise be overlooked.

One particular feature we love is how the theatre's website changes its coloured backdrop depending on the time of day. It's dynamic design features such as these, albeit subtle, that make all the difference to a brand, as people can interact with it and instantly associate the venue with its seaside location. "It's to mirror the time of day, offering a virtual glimpse of the ever-changing sky," adds Merijn.

As always with these projects, the new identity also marks a new chapter for the Theater De Muze – a new dawn and a new beginning, if you will. It really hits home the connection between the theatre and the captivating beach sunsets. "It invites everyone to experience a harmonious blend of culture, art, and the natural beauty of twilight," as Merijn puts it.

Other recent projects by JUST include a playful identity for De Sleutels, a housing association in Leiden featuring charming illustrations and squiggly curved lines to depict the winding route to a good home. Plus, a fun overhaul for 24baby – a trusted online resource for parents. Check out more of the team's work at


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