New Genre crafts a sweet yet spicy identity for new candy brand Chilli Bomba

Sweet meets heat in Chilli Bomba, a new candy for adult rebels. We explore how London studio New Genre brought the brand to life.

The first bite is with the eye, they say. And that's certainly the case for sweets aimed at adults. After all, we're bombarded with messages saying we shouldn't be eating such unhealthy fare... even if secretly, we love the idea of knocking back some sugary treats. So it takes some design smarts to tempt people into indulging, and here's a great example of how to do it in practice.

New Genre is a London-based creative studio working with disruptors to build and scale distinctive new brands. They're a fresh, young studio working with top global start-ups, including Accel, Gravity Sketch, Sylvera, Tessian and Bolder Money.

Most recently, New Genre has been developing the brand identity, packaging and website for Chilli Bomba; an LA-based brand that breaks the monotony of candyland by introducing gourmet, small-batch, chilli candies targeted mainly at adults.

Design elements

Chilli Bomba is equal parts sweet, spicy and savoury; perfect for those who want a kick with their sugar high. This LA-based brand is breaking the monotony of candyland norms by introducing gourmet, small-batch chilli candies targeted mainly at adults.

Inspired by Chilli Bomba's flavours, the team envisioned a punchy, loud, vibrant identity aimed at insatiable tastebuds.

Elements include a "dangerously playful" mascot, Mr. Bomba, representing the explosive mix of sweetness and spice. And an entire collection of candy flavours, known as the "Scovillains", replete with illustrations that are comical, sassy and full of attitude.

Packaging and website

New Genre has also reinvented the packaging experience for Chilli Bomba, featuring flavour-specific colour combinations, illustrations and a type system including Brice, , Roc Grotesk, III Hand and Lil Grotesk. Packed into a matte 8oz pouch bag with a wide opening, the new packaging makes for mess-free sharing with friends.

A custom e-commerce experience was developed in Webflow, punctuated with interactive moments, including loaders that follow your cursor and colourful product pages based on each packaging. To help drive business further, New Genre has integrated the website with a store locator, social media feed, and a customer reviews board.

Since the brand's release, Chilli Bomba has been featured in various food publications, significantly increasing its online sales and engagement and doubling wholesale sales.


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