method's new campaign features drag artists to encourage us to rethink 'toxic gender stereotypes in cleaning'

method, known as the "eco-conscious" cleaning brand, has launched a new advertising campaign called 'Drag Cleans' to challenge toxic gender stereotypes in cleaning.

Partnering with LGBT Foundation and seven of the UK’s hottest drag performers, method commissioned The Romans and Uncommon with photography by Sarah Cresswell to create the campaign, which is currently featured on over 150 digital billboards across London.

'Drag Cleans' is hot on the heels of the Advertising Standards Authority's recent ban on harmful gender stereotypes featured in advertising. Through the bright and bold imagery, method hopes to subvert the outdated, "traditional" stereotypes so often associated with scrubbing and polishing.

The seven hero images are bursting with colour, creativity and individuality, all of which are synonymous with the drag community. The stylised shots see the performers adopt a drag persona inspired by a hero product in the brand’s core range.

"Cleaning is having its 'moment', but the industry has long been a contributor to tired stereotypes (think 50s cleaning ads!), and method has always played with the norm in order to bring a bit of sass to the cleaning aisle," says Sarah Tuke, head of communications at method.

"We want to challenge stereotypes and gender norms with the help of LGBT Foundation and our Drag Talent – to create something truly wonderful, bold and meaningful, that drives positive change. We’re so excited to raise the profile of our drag partners and for the whole world to see how fabulous they are too."


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