New book celebrates the design behind American advertising of the 1950s

This series of posters collated by artist and designer Anne Stilper has that special kind of nostalgia solely found in American advertising of the 1950s. Think a little bit Mad Men with a sprinkling of Twin Peaks.

After being interested in colour concepts and "reducing things", Anne initiated a project on Kickstarter to bring her idea of creating a collation of advertising from the US during the 1950s to life.

Soon after launch, the project became Kickstarter Team Favourite, and Anne reached her goal after just four days. She explains: "We have researched such a lot of stunning material, that has never been shown on any poster platform, as far as we know.

"There are such a lot of graphic and typographic designs that match the lifestyle and vintage design still popular today. We feel this will provide inspiration for every designer." Support the project here.


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