Minimal illustrations view everyday objects with a surrealist gaze

The minimal work of Italian graphic designer and illustrator Marta D’Asaro turns a mundane situation on its head. A deckchair made of matchsticks...a pencil turned noose...welcome to the artist's surreal world.

Skilled in editorial design, corporate identity, typography, web design, information architecture, user interface and user experience, Marta has a particular interest in human-computer interaction and conceptual illustration.

After studying graphic design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, she took some time to travel Europe and the US, working as the music editor for VICE. What was intended to be a sabbatical interlude lasted three years.

Later she found a job in the publishing industry and became the creative director of a literary magazine. Working with a small budget, and wanting to illustrate the first issue, she decided to do it herself: this is how her career as an illustrator began.

As a graphic designer she has always been a minimalist, favouring conceptual art, hence she kept the same approach in her illustrations. She started experimenting by adding elements that she had never used before, like human figures or shadows, learning how to keep the illustrations clear without jeopardizing the message. Discover more at


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